Installing Modules

XYPLOT for Linux and Windows may be extended with the use of source code modules. The currently available add-on modules illustrate how the user may write his or her own extensions to XYPLOT. A module consists of one or more text files containing source code written in kForth, an implementation of the Forth programming language. The files have the extension .4TH. When XYPLOT is installed on a Linux system, each user maintains his/her own set of modules. These are located in the user's $HOME/.xyplot directory and the directory may be reached by typing

cd ~/.xyplot

The main module xyplot.4th must be present in this directory. All other modules are optional. In order to make a new module be loaded when xyplot begins to execute, the new module should be placed in this directory. Then, the file xyplot.4th should be edited to include a line such as:

include mymodule.4th

The standard modules are included near the bottom of xyplot.4th. Simply add the include statement after the includes for the standard modules.